New-to-Market Hamptons Cottages Near Bay 550K


COME BE MY NEIGHBOR here in Springs (East Hampton), Long Island, NY, where what I think of as the Hamptons’ best-kept secret — Maidstone Beach  on Gardiner’s Bay, above — is located. Have you ever been to the Greek Islands? This long crescent beach, with its clean, swimmable waters, gives Skiathos a run for its money. It’s never crowded — ever, even in summer, since most visitors to the Hamptons prefer the pounding Atlantic, five miles to the south. Good. Let them go.


An interesting property has just popped onto the market, an easy-peasy two-minute walk to that beach. It’s a pair of ten-year-old cottages — a two-bedroom, above, with a one-bedroom behind, each with its own deck and outdoor shower — that would make a fine rental property and/or weekend getaway. They’re a bit small for full-time living, but they are winterized, so it’s not an impossibility. The listing doesn’t disclose the size of the property. It’s long and narrow; a quarter-acre or less.


Back of front cottage


Back of rear cottage


Layout provides decent privacy between the two


Lovely backyard behind the rear cottage

You’ll find a few interiors shots here. The place appears in great shape, move-in or rental ready.


As for that beach, you can see a sliver of it from the front of the property, above (yes, you can, on a clearer day than the one on which this photo was taken). As for the 550K ask, which probably seems outrageous to those living in other localities, I’m afraid it’s reasonable for these parts. I know I’m sounding a lot like a realtor in this post (I’m not one, by the way — see the disclaimer on my ‘About’ page), but this property really will not last!!!

5 thoughts on “New-to-Market Hamptons Cottages Near Bay 550K

  1. Oh, this listing has so many possibilities. Would that I could. We need an update on your casa, Cara!

  2. Adorable. My best friend is on Runnymeade which is right around the corner near the Girl Scout camp.
    I wish I was in the market, great opportunity.

  3. These two look great with endless possibilities–now I sound like the realtor. But, really, a great rental income plus a private home of your own.

  4. Definitely, this is a good place to own. Peaceful, spacious and relaxing most likely it has pleasant environment, and it looks very similar to Calgary Where now my family resides. For me, this kind of place still the best place to raise a family.

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