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City Winter, Silent Blog

I’VE BEEN MEANING TO BLOG ALL WINTER, but keep hitting a stumbling block: what to blog about? (Besides car-shopping, which has been resolved with the purchase of a silk-blue Volkswagen Golf). In recent years, casaCARA has been most active when … Continue reading

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September Slump

None better, IMHO: Maidstone Beach on Gardiner’s Bay, L.I. ALL I CAN SAY IN MY OWN DEFENSE (to myself, mainly, but also to readers who may have noticed I’m headed for a record low number of monthly blog posts since … Continue reading

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casaCARA’s Top 10 of ’11

WHEN I FIRST BEGAN THIS BLOG in December 2008, I looked at my site stats obsessively. It was exciting to watch them grow in those early, heady days. Now I rarely look, but WordPress still helpfully provides a battery of … Continue reading

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Debut of “The Insider” on

LAST THURSDAY, the first post in my new series “The Insider,” exploring how we Brooklynites furnish and decorate our homes, went up on┬áthe powerhouse real-estate site, Every Thursday at 11:30AM, I’ll be putting up a new entry, covering the … Continue reading


Excuses, Excuses

Four-inch moth photographed yesterday on my screen door by my friend Caren. Never seen anything like it! I HATE BLOG POSTS THAT START OUT with “Sorry I haven’t been blogging much lately, but…” Jeez, I think, no one cares about … Continue reading

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Photo: Tracy Collins THIS PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS I’m taking is really opening my eyes. Not just to the world around me, but also to how others photograph that same world. I’ve become captivated by the work of two people I don’t … Continue reading

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Photogenic Slices of Brooklyn

AFTER MORE THAN 500 BLOG POSTS, illustrated with thousands of pictures, I was feeling the need for some fresh inspiration. Conveniently, the new 92Y in Tribeca is offering a 7-session photography course this winter called just that: “Inspiration and Vision.” … Continue reading

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