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Say Hi to NYC’s Second Avenue Subway

ON NEW YEAR’S DAY, New York City opened its first new subway line in over half a century — well, three new stops, anyway. The far Upper East Side, once a pain to get to, is newly accessible via these … Continue reading

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Drive Slowly, Look Closely: Thru Indiana and Ohio on the Historic National Road

Another never-published travel story from the vaults, this one commissioned — but the magazine, an AAA publication, folded before my story ran. It’s safe to assume the over-the-top Indiana Theater in Terre Haute has landmark protection and the Frank Lloyd Wright … Continue reading

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George Washington Partied Here: A Visit to Philadelphia’s Powel House

Tour of Philadelphia’s Powel House Brings Our First President and Colonial Power Elite to Vivid Life Continue reading


Vintage Storefronts of Philadelphia

ONE OF THE THINGS that makes Philadelphia so not-New York is the abundance of old storefronts, even whole rows and blocks of them, that have endured through the decades without being demolished or remodeled out of existence. Philly still has … Continue reading


There’s Always More to Explore in Philadelphia

WAITING FOR MEN… that’s how I spent much of the past week, camped out in a vacant apartment in Philadelphia, planning a renovation there (I own two 19th century row houses in Philly). In between appointments with contractors, the appliance repair … Continue reading

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Post-Election Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA WAS A POIGNANT PLACE to spend time in the immediate aftermath of the election (after casting my vote in NYC, of course). Everywhere you look, there are statues and portraits of presidents and patriots, reminders of genius, courage and … Continue reading

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Two Days in Vermont

IT TOOK ME A WHILE to get this blog post up, mainly because I’ve been annoyed at myself for all the images I did not capture on a recent two-day trip to Vermont. Where are the über-charming farmhouses with their … Continue reading

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