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Container Culture

THERE’S REALLY NOTHING you can’t grow in containers, provided the container is big enough — trees, shrubs, grasses, bulbs, perennials, annuals. So, if you happen to have a 4,600 square foot rooftop terrace like the one above and below, atop … Continue reading

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Bulb Planting Ideas for a Rainy Day

THIS is what’s going on in Holland’s Keukenhof gardens as we speak. The 79-acre Keukenhof, an hour south of Amsterdam, may be the world’s most spectacular trade show — an annual explosion of 7 million flowering bulbs showcasing the offerings … Continue reading

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Amsterdam Fairy Tale

Ever wonder what it’s like to live under the steep, sloping eaves of a 17th century house in the heart of Amsterdam?  It’s a lot of stairs, let me tell you.  But once you’re up there, you’re in a storybook.  … Continue reading

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The rise & fall & rise & fall of Amsterdam real estate

YESTERDAY’S Amsterdam post on casaCARA got me thinking about an article, “This Very, Very Old House,” that ran in The New York Times magazine in March 2006, analyzing boom/bust cycles in Amsterdam real estate over four centuries. When the piece … Continue reading

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Dutch Treat

View of 17th century facades and rooftops from a top floor apartment in Amsterdam’s Begijnhof.  More to follow!

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