Vintage Cottage on 2/3 Acre, East Hampton, N.Y. 580K


IF THIS HOUSE HAD COME UP when I was in the market a few years back, I would have seriously considered it, even though Sotheby’s is advertising it as a teardown. (The address is 110 Old Stone Highway, East Hampton, NY. You can Google it.)

The house needs work. So what else is new?

But what an upside this property could have: it’s a 1950s cedar-shingled cottage with great interior spaces (as seen in my through-the-window shots, below), on a flat, sunny .6 acre that would be terrific for gardening.

There are two outbuildings: a freestanding summerhouse (screened porch) that looks to be in good condition, and a guest house that reeks powerfully of mildew and needs to be gutted ASAP. That’s the one potential deal-breaker, as far as I can tell from my trespassing, if the house itself smells the same (only the guest house was unlocked).

It’s located on the historic Springs-Amagansett Turnpike, AKA Old Stone Highway, where a number of avid gardeners and high-profile people make their homes.

See the full listing here, with a photo of the pool in season.

It won’t last long. Don’t say I didn’t tell you!


7 thoughts on “Vintage Cottage on 2/3 Acre, East Hampton, N.Y. 580K

  1. I am gonna rush out to see this house!! hey, do you ever go to woodstock ny?? i have two homes up there, you are welcome to stay and check out the area. one home is recently on the market….see 1 west ohayo mountain road, bearsville ny, and the other i am going to be getting ready to list, probably in the next couple of months….that is of course if i can let go of the attachment!! its a wonderful area here, and i would love to show you around… see i rent the other one too….its on vrbo #4042669 would love to meet you. i follow your blog. are you able to come on weekdays?? i also have a home in mamaroneck, an arts and crafts cottage style, one block to our private beach club….its like a little secret in westchester most people don’t know about…and totally like leave it to beaver neighborhood. we rent that out short term as well, and now we are going to be putting that on the market to rent full time. best janna ritz

    On Sun, Apr 17, 2016 at 8:35 AM, c a s a C A R A ~ Old Houses for Fun & Profit wrote:

    > cara posted: ” IF THIS HOUSE HAD COME UP when I was in the market a few > years back, I would have seriously considered it, even though Sotheby’s is > advertising it as a teardown. (I’m having trouble testing the link, and not > sure it works: in any event, the address is 1″ >

  2. If I weren’t so infirm right now I’d jump for this — I know a few people with horticultural and architectural know-how, as well as backs for hard labor, who could give this the love it deserves. And the respect (some have been in Springs since the last mid-century — a short time, I realize, compared to the Bonackers and earlier settlers): It breaks my heart that it is being advertised as a tear-down as that is just what Springs doesn’t need. (I fear that someone with money and no taste will erect, say, a Mediterranean monstrosity on it, thereby eroding the very charm that they coveted in the first place). (And lest I be misunderstood, classical Mediterranean architecture, no matter how simple, is something the world can be grateful for, but some of its latter-day and debased — to the point of caricature — exempla should be avoided. In any case I hope the right ears hear and and the right eyes see and the right spirits imagine and discern the possibilities your posting suggest …

  3. I was so thrilled to come across this post. We recently bought the house and plan to restore it (as best we can) to it’s original charm. It needs quite a bit of love — any ideas or suggestions are welcome!

  4. Whew! I’m glad this house will be restored and I wish Susan the luck and happiness that such a “save” requires …

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