New-to-Market Vintage Farmhouse in East Hampton 545K

THIS IS THE KIND OF HOUSE I THOUGHT I WANTED when I first started looking for a place here on the eastern end of Long Island a few years ago: a classic cedar-shingled  farmhouse with a front porch, on a good-sized lot. It’s 1.27 acres — which, as a gardener on 1/2 acre, I now realize is more than enough to be getting on with unless you have visions of commercial farming. The backyard, below, is sunny and open, too.

Like many 19th century farmhouses (the listing says 1865), it’s on what eventually became a busy road — Three Mile Harbor Road, less than a mile north of the chic Village of East Hampton with all its designer boutiques I never go into. But one could do wonders with a fence and landscaping in front and, with all that property in the rear, create plenty of privacy.

I haven’t gone to see it the inside for myself, because I’m remaining faithful to the modernist house I hope to buy very soon, but I do think it’s worth a look, and the asking price seems right. These old farmhouses are fairly rare and don’t come up often. For the official listing with a couple of interior photos and more info, click right here.

6 thoughts on “New-to-Market Vintage Farmhouse in East Hampton 545K

  1. Prices are still pretty soft here (of course, only in the Hamptons could 545K be considered inexpensive for an old farmhouse on an acre and a quarter — in the Hudson Valley, it would be 200K).

  2. I think that place is really lovely. I hope someone doesn’t tear it down. Is that likely given the size of the lot?

  3. Never occurred to me that could be considered a tear-down. It would cause an outcry. Anyway, anyone looking to build a McMansion wouldn’t do it on Three Mile Harbor Road.

  4. Hi Cara. What are the zoning and building rules like in this area? I love the house as it is but would the town allow a guest house to be built in the back of the lot? or a carriage house with apartment above in a similar style to this house?

  5. Hi Billy, I tend to doubt that building on that lot would be easily allowed, but I’m really not sure. If you are seriously interested, I would suggest calling the listing agent, who probably knows the answer to that question.

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