Springs in Winter

LIVING THE COUNTRY LIFE, and loving it. I came out to my East Hampton cottage shortly after New Years, with an open return ticket back to New York City. Twelve days later, I’m still here. In my cottage in the woods, I feel relaxed and contented. As long as there’s this thing called the Internet, I’m productive too. What seems to surprise people is that I’m never bored or lonely.

I mean, who wouldn’t love a place where the police blotter, as reported in the East Hampton Star, includes the following items:

  • A man driving a Toyota pickup filled with debris drove over the scales at the recycling center on Springs Fireplace Road but didn’t pay for dumping.
  • A man asked to remove his boat from a slip at the dock at Gann Road told police he had permission to keep his boat there and “would not be removing it any time soon.”
  • A woman told police her vehicle was scratched on its driver’s side while parked at the Circle.
  • Police confiscated a mountain bike left on the sidewalk outside the EH Fire Department.

And my favorite by far:

  • A swan was spotted running loose on Main Street near Buell Lane. By the time police arrived, the swan was on the village green and out of the road.

I’ve easily kept busy puttering around the house; raking leaves off the lawn just to “get my blood moving,” as my friend Lula would say; perfecting my winter soup recipes; watching MSNBC obsessively; and, on one annoying occasion, driving to Sag Harbor for an advertised estate sale, only to find this:

I kept up my local gym routine, went to Gurney’s Inn in Montauk for a facial and got a glimpse of the ocean (still there), and did a little bit of browsing the shops in Amagansett. My favorite antique store there has to be Nellie’s. If I was spending $2,500 on art right now, I would buy the group of 1940s family portraits in oil, below.

I also made plans for a new kitchen counter to be installed, replacing, at long last, the Formica one that was here when I bought this cottage in 2009. After considering and rejecting all the other options, I’ve settled on a new countertop of 6″x6″ white, matte ceramic tiles. That job begins tomorrow, and since I’ll be without a functioning kitchen for a few days, I am heading back tomorrow to the rough-and-tumble urban world (oh, how I’ve missed the Flatbush Avenue bus).

2 thoughts on “Springs in Winter

  1. It all sounds idyllic!!!! Over the years I too dropped more than a little change at Nellie’s. Sage Street, as well. The good old days……….

    Hope I’ll get to see you when you drop back into Bklyn.

  2. Great “doldrums of winter” post. It does seem easy to keep busy out there, between the continued work on your cottage and the various things to do in the area. Love the portraits!

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