WHO NEEDS SIGNAGE when you have overflowing window boxes like these? They literally stop traffic. I pass them almost daily, gracing the front of Della Femina, a restaurant in East Hampton, and more than once I’ve pulled over for a closer look.


There are three of them on the brick storefront. They are massive — each several feet long and at least a foot deep —  and they are stuffed.

Here’s what’s in them, far as I can make out:

  • nasturtiums
  • New Zealand impatiens
  • English ivy
  • sweet potato vine
  • purple lantana
  • IMG_1289

    The keys to maintaining boxes like these: food and water. Dense container plantings need frequent feeding and copious water — at least once a day, twice in very hot weather.

    Thus inspired, I stopped at a local nursery to buy some sun-loving annuals for the narrow patch of brightness along the back wall of my house. They look pretty insignificant right now — pathetic, really — but I promise that when they fill out, you’ll see pics.