More Colorful Cottages & a Pink Pick-Up

I CONTINUE TO SCAN the roadsides for cedar-shingled cottages trimmed in different colors.

The case for sage:


(I’m having trouble with that large off-center window. What do you think?)

Actually it’s more of a mint green


And how about this creamy yellow?


This isn’t a cottage, but it makes me smile every time I pass it on Three Mile Harbor Road. Something you wouldn’t see in New York City!


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6 Responses to More Colorful Cottages & a Pink Pick-Up

  1. Yeah, that window is problematic.

  2. That window jumped out like a sore thumb. I wonder why it’s so. Hmmm…

  3. Terry Kearns says:

    I like the window better than the green in the trim. More color in both please. The pig truck has the right idea. They should hire it out to park in front to monochrome houses.

  4. Nancy says:

    Surprised how much I like the mint green but definitely don’t like that window placement!

  5. delftblue says:

    yeah, here’s the thing: painting the trim a color highlights the trim. so, you really notice that lop-sided window or that rather utilitarian porch. it breaks up the line of the house. the more I look at your house, I kinda like the trim as is. if you need to paint, I’d use that cool iPhoto app and just “match” the color of your shingles. then paint with that and only use color on your door. I admit I dig the monochromatic thing.

  6. I must say, that window is in a strange location alright. It’s a strange window, really. It just does not belong there.

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