Sweet Shutters


East Hampton, N.Y.

I LOVE SHUTTERS — louvered, paneled, pickets, cut-outs — though I’ve never really lived in a house that has them. My present cottage on Long Island is not gonna be the one. Shutters don’t make sense with 1980s casement windows (but those windows sure are tight, so I’m not complaining).


East Hampton again. Love the boxwoods, too.

Meanwhile, I look at shutters everywhere I go. They can really make a house, adding color and definition to an otherwise blah facade. If they’re operable, so much the better.

Philadelphia is a great shutter city.


A Colonial in Society Hill, Philadelphia


An early 19th c. commercial building in the Kensington area of Philly

Brooklyn and Manhattan row houses, for some reason, rarely have shutters, which makes the few houses that do stand out all the more.


Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, above and below



Red Hook, Dutchess County, N.Y.

2 thoughts on “Sweet Shutters

  1. They are sweet. No stick-on shutters please. Even if you don’t use real hinges, they need to be away from the wall – as if they do – to produce important shadows. Much better are slight askew in a few place. It’s like real verses fake plants.

    The Brooklyn Heights with the red door has stick-ons.

  2. You’re so right about the stick-ons, Terry. But I’ll give that house a pass because, as I said, there’s such a dearth of shutters in Brooklyn even those are kind of welcome.

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