front porchDO YOU KNOW BARRYTOWN? It’s a fine hamlet right on the Hudson River in northern Dutchess County, a mile from Bard College (for culture) and not far from Red Hook (for useful stuff like supermarkets, restaurants, a hardware store, gasoline….) I doubt there’s a building more recent than 1900 there.barrytown house1

This farmhouse on approximately 1 acre, with two barns and a shed, is for sale by its owner, Eva Mann. She writes: “It is very much a “buy the look” type of place — no major aesthetic changes for the past 75 years.” All the modern conveniences are there, but out of sight.

The house is 1800 sq. ft., with 5 rooms downstairs and 4 rooms upstairs, and 1-1/2 baths. The two barns total 2,000 sq. ft.


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