The Filet of the Neighborhood

Part four of the apartment-hunt quartet and then we’ll give it a rest.

Sunday morning I saw a historic goodie of a flat in Fort Greene, on a block I was always curious about: the glorious Washington Park, northernmost rim of Fort Greene Park, elegant since Edith Wharton’s day.

It was half the top floor, 2BR for $2,300, overlooking Olmsted and Vaux’s sea of green. The front parlor and attached alcove were good and intact, the back bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom very East Village in the ’70s.


It was four enormous flights up – and once inside the apartment, the second bedroom is a loft reached by ladder. Not for me, I told the broker, panting – for someone younger. (Not just that – it was very close to Myrtle Avenue and the projects, not the tonier, more beautiful, DeKalb Avenue end. If it was at the other end, I might have gladly climbed those stairs.)

Indeed, there was a young couple looking at the place. I hope they took it.


Then I drove around Clinton Hill, going up and down streets I hadn’t paid much attention to since my days at Pratt in the late ’80s (I’m an architecture-school dropout). On St. James Place and Cambridge Place, above and below, between Lafayette and Greene, I was amazed once again at the architectural richness of this borough.


Stumbled into one of the houses on the Society for Clinton Hill House Tour, below, a wood-porched Victorian relic.


I’m visualizing a nice, wide parlor floor with terrace in that area.

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4 Responses to The Filet of the Neighborhood

  1. Clinton Hill says:

    I think you are going to end up living in Clinton Hill or Ft. Greene.

  2. Mary-Liz says:

    Please don’t stop writing about your adventures house-hunting! They (and the accompanying photos) are fascinating!!! And it is good to know that you are enjoying the process. Good luck!!

  3. brooklyn says:

    Shame on you Cara for perpetuating the “project” stereotype. We live directly across from the projects on Wyckoff Street and I can think of no reason why it has been a problem. In fact we use the park, get tons of sunlight, and thanks to narrow minded people like you we ALWAYS get a parking spot right on our block.

  4. cara says:

    Thank you for your comment, mqmcc. It is your right to call me on what you see as my anti-project bias. I lived in “the projects” as a child – Ravenswood in Long Island City. In my adult life, and as a single woman, I would prefer to rent an apartment where I feel safe coming home alone at night. Maybe the park also has something to do with it, but I just didn’t get a safe vibe from the corner of Myrtle Avenue and Washington Park.

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