Real Estate Regrets

1624_1LET’S play my favorite masochistic game: it’s called “Real Estate Regrets.”  Right now I have a mild case over this property in Germantown, N.Y., which is set to close this coming week.

A former fruit and berry farm on 4 acres, it’s a c.1900 3-bedroom farmhouse on a quiet road, in the same family for 100 years.  Nothing special architecturally, but in decent  shape, with a small barn for a studio or office and, in industry parlance, “sweeping, uninterrupted mountain views.”1624_31

It was an exclusive with Gary DiMauro in Tivoli, and it sold within 24 hours, says broker Susan Lyne.  The asking price was $195,000, and it was an all-cash deal.

The lessons here?  (a) Don’t dilly-dally, and (b) Have a lot of cash at the ready, if at all possible.

On the bright side, it’s inspiring to know that such good values are showing up on the current market.

Note: I am not a real estate broker, and I do not have any financial interest in the sale of this or any property mentioned on this blog.  I just like spreading the word about unique, historic properties and what I believe are solid investment opportunities.

2 thoughts on “Real Estate Regrets

  1. OUCH! I would have loved to find this bargain. Love your entries! The plaster one is the best I’ve seen locally.

  2. Anonymous, i think you speak for many of us – OUCH indeed!
    Glad you’re enjoying the blog – keep checking & keep commenting!

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