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Barclays Ain’t Bad

LEAVE BROOKLYN FOR A LITTLE WHILE, you come back and find new things happening left and right. Reacquainting myself with my neighborhood after some months spent mostly out on the East End of Long Island, I’m aware of a definite … Continue reading

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My Very Fine Ash

I’M JUST AS PROUD as can be. I’m all puffed up with pride right now. It’s not that one of my kids has done something extraordinary, or even myself. No, it’s the ash tree in the backyard of my building … Continue reading

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Painting an Icon (Again and Again)

Brooklyn-based artist Robert Goldstrom has painted one building, the Williamsburgh Savings Bank, 108 times and counting — in every season, weather, time of day, and from every possible angle.  Goldstrom never intended to paint one subject so obsessively, but since … Continue reading

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