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East Hampton Farmhouse + Outbuildings 745K

THE AD IN THE EAST HAMPTON STAR says “capacity for 7,500 sq. ft. house, tennis, horses.” Phooey on that. I see a good old-fashioned Long Island truck farm on the cleared, sunny acre+ behind this 1880s farmhouse. Organic, of course. … Continue reading


Walk and See

ONE OF THE THINGS THAT SHOCKED ME when I moved to the country was how much driving one has to do to get anywhere. The other day a friend and I combined yard-saling with a fitness walk, and in the … Continue reading

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New to Market Springs Cottage 450K

THIS BARN-RED COTTAGE, on a quiet 1/2 acre off upper Springs Fireplace Road, really makes me think sellers here in East Hampton are getting reasonable. Reasonable for East Hampton, anyway. Reasonable relative to what such a house would have cost … Continue reading

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Garden Stalker

IT’S ONE THING to be a garden voyeur, checking out places that are open to the public or that I’ve wangled an invitation to. Now I’ve gone a step further and become a garden stalker, sneaking looks into yards whose … Continue reading

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At Home with Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner

I’M LIVING A SCANT MILE from a National Historic Landmark and cult-of-personality epicenter, the Pollock-Krasner House. It’s an 1879 farmhouse here in Springs where two leading lights of Abstract Expressionist painting, Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner, lived from 1945 until … Continue reading

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