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Neon Lights, Cold City

LAST THURSDAY NIGHT’S MUNICIPAL ARTS SOCIETY WALKING TOUR of East Village neon was not what I expected, on several counts. How cold was it? Couldn’t-feel-your-toes cold. Still, I thought there’d be at least a bit of a crowd for such … Continue reading

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New Year’s Skies, Brooklyn Pies

I KEEP TRYING to capture the light. The ephemeral, late afternoon, early January light. As I went about my mundane errands, on the most ordinary stretches of Brooklyn street, I was taken again and again by the beauty of the … Continue reading

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Neon Lights the Night

WE’RE CLOSING IN on the darkest days of the year. Maybe that’s why I’ve been taking pictures of neon signs the past two evenings while walking around Manhattan. There’s something so cheering about them on a cold winter’s night. And … Continue reading

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