GARDEN VOYEUR: Artist’s Way in Springs


THIS GARDEN BELONGS TO ONE OF MY NEIGHBORS here in Springs. Like so many people around here, Margaret Kerr is an artist. Her medium is brick.

The garden surrounding her cedar-shingled 1970s house was inspired, she told me, by a visit to the Cloisters. It’s a walled garden — well, fenced — with a central pool, and all the perennials therein are plants that were known in medieval times.


Pear trees are espaliered along the fence; the house and two studios are surrounded by grassy meadow, with paths mown through.


The pieces des resistances are brick ‘prayer rugs’ (Margaret’s daughter was married on one). Some signify areas for contemplation; others form decorative paths and patios. Margaret started out as a painter, but after designing and building this garden of brick and wood in the ’80s, she crossed over to brick.


Her two-acre garden and studio were open last Saturday as part of the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days program, when you can see fabulous private gardens, normally hidden away. I get to as many as I can each year. For the $5 price of admission, it’s a cheap swoon.


Here’s Margaret’s studio and a peek at her work: