Random Thoughts of Fall

WELL, OCTOBER’S ALMOST OVER, and I owe Long Island an apology. I jumped the gun last week when I called its fall foliage show a “dud.” Last week, there wasn’t much in the way of color. But this week,  the … Continue reading

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Real Estate Regrets

LET’S play my favorite masochistic game: it’s called “Real Estate Regrets.”  Right now I have a mild case over this property in Germantown, N.Y., which is set to close this coming week. A former fruit and berry farm on 4 … Continue reading

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End-of-year bargain$ in Columbia County CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!!!

“Recessions create opportunities” – Warren Buffet Today I scouted properties in Columbia County, ranging from 145K all the way up to 265K (laughable prices for New Yorkers). Horrendous weather.  Nothing made my heart sing, personally.  But man (and woman), there … Continue reading

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On the Road in Dutchess County

HOLIDAY GREETINGS from the snowy Hudson Valley. Nothing I love more than driving around with my eyes peeled for interesting old houses and barns, and there are plenty of them up here. Above, a Victorian carriage house next to a … Continue reading

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Best Time for House-Hunting? The Dead of Winter!

WHAT’S THE IDEAL TIME of year to search for a country or beach house? When the property looks its worst: between dreary November and mud-season March. First, you can really see the lay of the land when trees are bare. … Continue reading

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