Little Shops Around the Corner


THIS fab pink armchair could be had Saturday at Yesterday’s News, corner of Court Street and 2nd Place in Carroll Gardens, for $150.



YOU HAVE TO BE GRATEFUL to people who scour the estate sales of Long Island and New Jersey so we don’t have to. Then they haul the stuff back to Brooklyn and sell it to us at reasonable prices.

If they have a great eye, like Frank Galdi, whose 20-year-old  shop on Warren just off Court in Cobble Hill (Becosmi, technically) is always filled with intriguing merchandise, so much the better.

Some recent buys at Frank’s shop (official ————————————————————-  name: Antiques Past & Present):

  • A fine-looking pair of 1950s bent plywood chairs for $225.
  • A wild red double-shaded ’50s lamp, snapped up for $175 (that’s Frank changing the bulb).
  • A pair of curvy wrought iron chairs for $165.p1030080p1030078



At Brownstone Treasures on Court between Warren and Baltic in Cobble Hill, p1030086above, and owner JP’s other store, Yesterday’s News, which is like an ongoing flea market at the corner of Court and 2nd Place in Carroll Gardens, it’s a little harder to find pieces of interest — the bulk of it is garden-variety secondhand furniture — but there’s a LOT of it and it changes constantly. And you can’t complain about the prices. The vintage wire cafe chairs in the picture above are $100 for 4.

Below, At Yesterday’s News, paper ephemera, bottom, is a specialty. You’ll also find costume jewelry, dishes, and utilitarian used furniture, sometimes even with a little bit of style.




p1030094Too bad Benny the stonecutter’s appealingly dusty and cluttered Nostalgia Antique Shop, below, tucked obscurely on Hoyt between 2nd and 3rd Streets isn’t open more often.  If not on a Saturday afternoon, when?


I’ve found worthy stuff there in the past, including a framed 1940s watercolor print of the New York skyline for $55.