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Columbia County Fixer-Upper Fixed Up!

MY GO-TO WEBSITE when I miss the Hudson Valley — a real blogazine — is Rural Intelligence. Wouldn’t want to chance missing the recent post in which a dilapidated 850-square-foot Columbia County cottage at the end of a dirt road … Continue reading

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Old Doors and Windows, Cheap

I’M UPSTATE THIS WEEKEND and made it my business to check out the architectural salvage warehouse operated by the Historic Albany Foundation. My plan is to replace the screens on my porch with glass to create a year-round sun room, … Continue reading


Hidden Homesteads in Columbia County

“EVER WONDER why our Yankee forebears seem to have been incapable of designing a bad house?” asks Rural Intelligence, a year-old culture website that is like a New York Times Styles section for the Hudson Valley and Berkshires. It’s a … Continue reading

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Now Domino is Falling!

DOMINO MAGAZINE IS FOLDING, and I am devastated.  Hard on the heels of Cottage Living, my other favorite magazine is ceasing to publish.  Why why why why WHY??!!!??? As if it wasn’t enough to lose Cottage Living, Country Living, O … Continue reading

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Tight Fists in the Mortgage Market

IN LATE 2007, I GOT A NEW MORTGAGE from Sovereign Bank on an investment property in Philadelphia, and refinanced a weekend house in upstate New York with Countrywide, just before the fall. In both cases, despite a perfectly lovely FICO … Continue reading

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Win-win in Columbia County

MY FRIENDS FRAN AND BOB  finally got tired, after 12 years of using their un-winterized weekend cottage in Spencertown, N.Y., year-round, of coming into a freezing cold house on Friday nights, hurriedly making a fire in the wood stove, and … Continue reading

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Real Estate Regrets

LET’S play my favorite masochistic game: it’s called “Real Estate Regrets.”  Right now I have a mild case over this property in Germantown, N.Y., which is set to close this coming week. A former fruit and berry farm on 4 … Continue reading

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