Rhinebeck Village Fixer-Upper 249K


IT’S BEEN SITTING ON THE MARKET for a year, with price drops along the way. What’s wrong with it?! It’s an 1890s house in pretty decent shape, in the impeccable Hudson River town of Rhinebeck. On a tiny lot, true — I would find the lack of gardening ops very frustrating.


But sweet it is. It can only be the overall lousy market conditions that keeps this place from being snapped up, as it would have been in years and markets past.


For all the deets, go here.

And thanks to Upstater, the Hudson River Valley/Catskills real-estate blog with taste, for zeroing in on this charmer.

Queen Anne for Sale or Rent

140600_16THIS 1890s QUEEN ANNE IS JUST ABOUT PERFECT, as far as I’m concerned. Why? Well, because:

It combines seclusion and convenience. It’s in the hip, historic village of Sag Harbor, but surrounded by a thick hedge. When you’re there, you’re unaware of the outside world.

It’s a solid, year-round 4 BR house with a limestone fireplace, yet it’s directly across the street from a wonderful bay beach, with water views from the upstairs windows.


The landscaping is lush but low-maintenance.

There’s a separate, totally delightful backyard studio, above, made up of salvaged windows and barn doors (renting artists have set up their easels there; it would also eliminate any excuse for writer’s block), and an outdoor shower affixed to a tree.


The house, which was in rough shape when owners Eric Anderson, an architect, and Hali Breindel, a photographer/stylist and psychotherapist, bought it 10 years ago, has been sensitively and charmingly remodeled. Among myriad other things, they added on a huge, sunny, glassed-in living room at the rear, encircled by French doors and oversized windows.

It’s cozy for family living yet expansive for entertaining (the dining room, with a coffered beadboard ceiling, seats 12). The kitchen is vintage in style but up-to-the-minute in function.


It’s reasonably priced for what it is — see listing and more pictures here or here. The house is also available for rent — see rental listing (and still more pictures) here.