“I love what you do, it is really a great way to encourage people to get off their ass. Wish it was around when I was looking five years ago.” – J.F.

“We’re enjoying your lovely and interesting blog. It’s nicely designed, well-written (unlike most blogs!) and easy to navigate. As a native Philadelphian, I’d love to see more about old houses there. In general, I’d love to read more about each of your topics, and figure the content will just accumulate over time. It seems you’re off to a very good start!” – J.G.

“I love your blog.  So tired of poorly written and venomous blogs.” – T.W.

“What a wonderful site! Truly one of the best my husband or I have been to. I’ve been spending so much time on your site I’ve neglected other things. No regrets – it’s been a lot of unexpected fun.” – L.deM.

“Your website is mighty impressive. The row of windows [header] is titillating and the place in Germantown is amazing. How I’d love to have gotten my hands on that! It’s good to realize there are other crazy house lovers out there.” – F.T.

“How happy I am to have stumbled across your wonderful website. You’ve done a good job. I spent several hours yesterday, when I should have been working, just drifting through your site. We share a passion.” – E.T.

“I LOVE your blog!! Looks really great and so informative!!!!” – D.S.

“Thanks for sharing all this. It’s nice to have someone doing the legwork on these places.” – J.W.

“Just looked up your zine – it is so timely and well done, and I intend to be an avid reader.” – M.C.

“Authoritative, well-written, fascinating: Ask Abby for the real-estate challenged.” – J.G.

“Cara Greenberg, a well-known and well-respected design writer, has created a great blog: casaCARA: Old Houses for Fun and Profit.  Check it out – it is well laid out and immensely interesting.” – vintageandmodern.com

“I love your postings and read them religiously.” – J.V.

“What a wonderful blog you write! What a treat – I love your writing and you have re-fueled my interest in looking for a beautiful weekend cottage.” – R.L.

“CasaCara is my daily read with my morning coffee. You’ve motivated me to tackle projects while still finding time to enjoy all that the east end has to offer. Thank you Cara!” – E.A.

“Your site is a lot of fun.  I especially like the Brownstone Voyeur section.  Despite the lip-service many give to the old and traditional, I have noticed over the years that in the design magazines brownstones are often given short shrift.  So it is nice that you are filling the gap.  Many thanks.” – J.L.

“I love your site like an addict.” – T.H.

“Cara describes fixing up her modest new home in a style that’s both confessional and aspirational, and seems very sensible and honest.” —Pam 

“Cara’s posts are always interesting, informative, &/or witty. Her blog is a daily must-read for me & many of my friends. ” — R.A.

“I have to tell you how much I enjoy your blog.  A woman who loves old houses! A woman not afraid of looking deep. Oh, how I have savored most of the posts.” – W.B.

3 thoughts on “KUDOS

  1. Cara- I love your blog! AS a former New Yorker, born in Brooklyn, I particularly enjoyed the photos of the old architecture, flower boxes on the old homes and buildings in Brooklyn. My daughter lives in an old building on the upper West Side and the architecture inside and out is spectacular. there is nothing like an old building! I know I will enjoy continuing to read your blog! L. R.

  2. Your blog is a dream come true. Thank you for the beautifully written information about what I too love above all else – buildings and houses, old and new.

  3. Why, thank you, Judy! Appreciate your taking the time to tell me. That makes me feel my efforts are worthwhile :-)

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