Mid-Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s



Op to Pop: Furniture of the 1960s


7 Responses to MY BOOKS

  1. Lushpad says:

    Mid-Century Modern was the first book I bought on collecting! It opened my eyes to a wonderful new world, and now I’ve become so obsessed with it I started up a web site around mid-century modern design.

  2. cara says:

    Thanks, Melanie. And that is a most excellent site (and blog) you’ve got: Keep in touch!

  3. I also have a copy of “Mid-Century Modern” and have given copies to many people over the years. It’s a great book!
    Glad to find you again, on the “Brownstoner”.

  4. cara says:

    hi Dale, thanks for getting in touch and for your support of my book. MCM is supposed to be coming out in a Kindle edition, but hasn’t yet. Meanwhile, it’s gotten very hard to find a print copy.

  5. Hi Cara,
    I can be on the lookout for used copies, if you need some.

  6. cara says:

    Thanks Dale, but I have about a dozen copies and I think that’s enough:-)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Cool beans!

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