Summer of Sunsets


LIVING A SIX-MINUTE WALK from a west-facing bay beach on the East End of Long Island, N.Y., I’ve become something of a professional sunset chaser, often with wine glass in hand.

The sunsets here are particularly gratifying. I’ve learned you can’t tell beforehand how spectacular a sunset will be, and that the colors only grow more vivid after the sun dips below the horizon, reaching peak saturation about 20 minutes later, and then beginning to fade.

Since last May, I’ve missed very few sunsets, from the fair-to-middling to the wowie-kazowie. Here, a few of the latter.

May 15


June 10


June 15


June 16


July 10


July 26


August 26


September 2


September 11 (Montauk)


September 20 & 21


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I blog (for fun) here at casaCARA, and write (for money) about architecture, interiors, gardens and travel for many national magazines and websites.
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9 Responses to Summer of Sunsets

  1. says:

    We have had similar ones here in Duxbury Massachusetts ! Amazing, really.

  2. Elke says:


  3. Donna says:

    WOW Amazing can’t decide my favorite Love them all and I.m a sun set junke!!!

  4. bjpeck2 says:

    Damn! These are beautiful.

  5. Stephanie Reit says:


  6. Martha Kelly says:

    Thank you for the sunsets, Cara. I’m awfully glad you have a camera (or a cell phone) because you use it awfully well.

  7. coppermaven says:

    Love this! And you even marked my birthday with a lovely pic!

  8. coppermaven says:

    Thanks for marking my birthday with a lovely pic. The others are wonderful too!

  9. Jo Weber says:

    Lovely photos. I definitely have to get out to visit you. Hope all is well.

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