Wandering in Williamsburg


WILLIAMSBURG IS A NEIGHBORHOOD I’ve never known well, even after 37 years in Brooklyn.

I know it slightly better now, after a few hours spent wandering its streets with a friend who moved there recently and scoped out some intriguing shops and cafes. I hope such little pockets of funk and charm survive the onslaught of new residential development and shopping that threatens to make the area indistinguishable from any other city.

Wander along with us, won’t you?


Above:  fading signage. Below:  graffiti and garbage they haven’t cleaned up yet




Above: “The new Williamsburg,” building lobby on N. 5th St.

Lunch at House of Small Wonder,below, could not have been cozier on a bitterly cold and windy day.




Possibility for another day, belowBakeri on Wythe Avenue, which has a pleasant garden.




Ditto the garden next to the stainless steel diner, above, now a Mexican restaurant. File that one away for springtime.


Heavenly sight and scent for those weary of winter already: flowers at Sprout Home, below. 



Grand building on Grand Street, above, so far put to no purpose.


Below, the six-month-old Sharktooth, repository of vintage textiles, from antique rag and Caucasian carpets to quilts and bedspreads dyed navy and black.





Is it happy hour already? Let’s pop in to Miss Favela, a Brazilian ‘botequim’ (watering hole), practically under the Williamsburg Bridge. It’s owned by the same people who own the popular Felix on West Broadway, said Pablo, our chatty bartender, below, as he muddled lime and sugar for our capirinhas. The place hops (or rather, sambas) on weekends, but we had it to ourselves this Wednesday afternoon.


IMG_0686          IMG_0685


Nice finally getting to know you, Williamsburg.


About cara

I blog (for fun) here at casaCARA, and write (for money) about architecture, interiors, gardens and travel for many national magazines and websites.
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6 Responses to Wandering in Williamsburg

  1. cate says:

    A new rug store! Did they seem to have anything nice for a not totally crazy price?

  2. cara says:

    Honestly, I didn’t look at the prices. My friend was shopping semi-seriously and I was taking pictures.

  3. Julia Mack says:

    Love your photos and insightful commentary.
    One of my favorite shops is around the corner from Sprout:
    Two Jakes, for authentic ’50’s, 60’s and ’70’s furniture: two jakes.com

  4. cara says:

    Yes, Julia, I know Two Jakes – it’s one of the pioneering stores in Williamsburg and, I agree, a worthy destination.

  5. cate says:

    Good to know about new stores since Moon River and others have closed. Saw a store with wonderful pottery not long ago. Think it was on Wythe near S 4th, on a corner, slightly below ground level but with big windows on the street.

  6. kate says:

    According to ‘stoner 33-35 Grand street is an event space http://www.brownstoner.com/blog/2014/05/building-of-the-day-33-35-grand-street/

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