THE LADY IS VERY HAPPY with her new deck. What the contractors didn’t know, as they worked for four days right outside my windows, is that I could hear every word they said, and even understand the ones in English. I’m the Lady, as in “Did the lady see it yet?” and “What did the lady say?”

See the happy lady, below.


See the new deck in all its fresh-smelling cedar glory.


See the new storage shed for beach chairs, grill, etc.. I’ll need more, for garden tools and whatnot, but it’s a good start.


Time now to start planting around the deck, to integrate this large new feature — probably 500-600 square feet — into the landscape.

IMG_0242 IMG_0241

Yesterday I drove to my favorite nursery, Fort Pond Native Plants in Montauk — it’s not really all natives, but it’s got an interesting, healthy selection — and bought some ornamental grasses (Panicum ‘Shenandoah’ and a very cool-looking plant called Purple Love Grass, or Eragrostis spectabilis), and interplanted them along the walkway, below, with Amsonia hubrichtii (blue milkweed), Heuchera ‘Palace Purple’ and bloody sorrel. Got a purple/chartreuse thing going.


I’m coveting some new shrubs and trees, including a hinoki cypress and perhaps a magnolia. For that, I await the post-Labor Day sales.

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I blog (for fun) here at casaCARA, and write (for money) about architecture, interiors, gardens and travel for many national magazines and websites.
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9 Responses to Deckscaping

  1. Elke says:


  2. Judy kahn says:

    Lookin’ real good, Cara… Hope to see you and ur beautiful new deck. Enjoy it all !!!

  3. Elissa says:

    It’s gorgeous, so chic. Is it your design?

  4. cara says:

    Mine and my friend Jifat Windmiller’s – she’s an architect. She sketched the concept last winter on the proverbial restaurant napkin, and I spent the rest of the winter and the spring and summer tweaking the design ad nauseum. The ramp and having the central platform “float”two steps up were my ideas.

  5. vinalew says:

    Save me a chair, lady. At least they didn’t Call you la vieja! Vina from Sag today

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  6. It’s beautiful! You are an impressively talented “Lady.”

  7. cate says:


  8. I love your blog: Brooklyn, mid-century architecture, Philadelphia, all of it. Read it years ago but fun to find it again. Enjoy your beautiful deck!

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