Brooklyn Bar Crawl

IMG_2890.JPGSUNDAY AFTERNOONS are made for places like the Sycamore Bar and Flowershop in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, a section of detached Victorians that comes as a welcome relief from the relentless trendiness of the closer-in-to-Manhattan neighborhoods.

The Sycamore is kind of like an old-time speakeasy, hidden behind a storefront flower shop. The bar is dark and atmospheric, with 70 kinds of bourbon, below, and a pleasant garden behind, where raw oysters were being shucked yesterday by the traveling Brooklyn Oyster Party.


My sister and I found our way there (Q train to Cortelyou Road), sampled the bourbon, then headed across the street to Mimi’s Hummus for warm hummus with whole chick peas, Jerusalem-style; beet and cauliflower salads; and chocolate balls rolled in coconut, called Punchim.IMG_2884.JPG

We ended up at Mayfield in Crown Heights and ordered fried oysters at the bar, served with smoked salmon and horseradish sauce, washed down with a crisp white Rioja.

This could become a habit.

Right: One-of-a-kind $15 bouquets of roses, ranunculus and assorted greens by Stems, the flower shop that shares space with the Sycamore Bar.

Photos: Stacie Sinder

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4 Responses to Brooklyn Bar Crawl

  1. Harriet says:

    Sounds good to me. Maybe we can do that one Sunday.

  2. Ada Frumerman says:

    I discovered Ditmas Park when I went to
    Brooklyn College in the late 60’s and early 70’s.Coming Astoria (which at the time was an anonymous neighborhood) it was a revelation. While I did not like Brooklyn College, discovering Ditmas Park and its environs made the whole experience worth it.

  3. mud4fun says:

    It looks lovely and from the sound of it was a very pleasant afternoon. Now if they had 70 different blends of Scotch Whisky it would be even better ;-)

  4. Cate says:

    Sounds delicious. Love Mayfield. Have to try Mimi’s Hummus next time I’m in Ditmas Park.

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