New-to-Market North Fork Tavern c.1800, 349K

SO OFTEN ONE SEES listings that date houses inaccurately. Sometimes the listings claim the houses are much more recent than they are, sometimes older. In the case of this former tavern in Southold, N.Y.’s historic district, I wholeheartedly believe the listing date. Based on its boxy shape, steep-pitched roof (the better to shed snow), and most of all, interior photos, the circa 1800 date seems correct.

The map shows it located at an intersection, which would make sense for a former tavern. I don’t know how busy an intersection; that would be key. It’s on 1/2 acre with several outbuildings, including a 19th century barn. The floors are wide-plank, the windows ‘correct,’ and there seem to be original doors and other woodwork. The attic photo clinches it for me; it totally looks 200+ years old.

I say this looks very intriguing, and the asking price reasonable. What say you? Does anyone know the location? The realtor’s listing is here.

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2 Responses to New-to-Market North Fork Tavern c.1800, 349K

  1. Anonymous says:

    saw it a year ago. they’ve since fixed it up a bit (stripped and repaired floors, paint, etc.) it is on a busy intersection on a difficult lot. no real kitchen to speak of, super low ceilings, awful mechanicals. more charming as an idea.

    keep them coming though! i’ve been looking out here on a budget for years. . . .

  2. cara says:

    Thanks, Anonymous, for the lowdown — pun intended (ceilings;-)

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