Bright Spots of August

…are few and far between in my garden, but I am enjoying my caladiums and elephants ear,which I planted as bulbs in May. They don’t get really going until July, preferring very warm soil, but by August they’re delivering a bit of welcome drama.

They’re easy, the deer don’t bother them, and they can be dug up in fall, overwintered in a bucket of peat moss, and re-planted again in spring.

2 thoughts on “Bright Spots of August

  1. The elephant ears (colocasia) are a no-brainer to overwinter. I started with one medium-sized bulb, let the leaves wither in a frost, dug it out and tossed it in some sawdust in a plastic bag and stuck it in the bottom of a closet. A summer and a winter later there are now six bulbs. But the caladiums I have yet to get right. Oh well…

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