Paris Plus: Le Shopping

MOST OF MY SHOPPING in Paris last month was of the window variety. It was very satisfying. There, window display is an art, often indistinguishable from merchandising. The small streets of St Germain des Pres are filled with tempting goods, as delightful to look at as to buy.

I didn’t find the prices outrageous. After all, I live in New York City and East Hampton, and my last vacation was in Maui, so no price tag can shock me anymore. And the euro is in trouble against the dollar, with an exchange rate that dipped from $1.35 to $1.25 in the week we were there (we benefited when we went to pay our hotel bill at the end).

But beyond that, the offerings seem such good value for their uniqueness, quality, and beauty. Here’s a sampling of what we drooled over.

Above: Jules Pansu, 42 Rue Bonaparte, a boutique selling woven textiles and pillow covers made from them. We kept going back until my cousin Susan finally bought one (for about $70). Below, a woman’s head after a Picasso painting.

Fabulous clip-on drop earring we both coveted in a costume jewelry boutique in St Germain des Pres, left. Roughly $300 (hence not purchased).

Chocolate, macaroons, tea… artfully packaged and presented to make easy take-home gifts.

Not your old loafers, above.

Sealing wax, parasols, hammered silver…such things I can ogle with pleasure and feel absolutely no urge to buy.

Indian textiles in profusion at a shop on the corner of Rue Bonaparte and Rue Jacob.

Art supplies, stationery, housewares… it goes on and on.

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7 Responses to Paris Plus: Le Shopping

  1. What wonderful objets, artfully displayed & beautifully photographed!! Are you still just using your i-phone camera??

  2. cara says:

    No, Mary-Liz, I finally replaced the camera I had stolen last winter with a new Canon S100. Its maiden voyage was this trip to Paris. Thanks for complimenting the photography. These ‘window shots’ were real quickies.

  3. GAP says:

    Love these posts. I never would have gotten out of the art supply store without spending some money!

  4. Judy Dean says:

    Wonderful – especially liked the Indian textile store. It inspired a Google search (2nd time) for a source in NYC for Indian cotton fabric, not sari silk and didn’t come up with anything specific. B&J may still be the best bet. Anyone else have ideas or sources? Thanks.

  5. cara says:

    Judy: This is maybe not such a brilliant suggestion, but have you tried urban outfitters? Downstairs at the flagship store on Sixth Avenue at 14 street. Maybe call them first. They used to have the kind of Indian bedspreads that we used in college. Beautiful and really inexpensive.

  6. Judy Dean says:

    Thanks Cara. I have seen some Indian spreads there. I was hoping for a place specializing in Indian cotton fabric by the yard as your Parisian store does. Is that excuse enough for a trip?

  7. cara says:

    As if any excuse were needed…!

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