My Little Eden

THINGS ARE SO GREEN AROUND HERE after a couple of days of heavy rain… well, all that’s missing is the serpent.

I can’t stop taking iPhone snaps of my humble Long Island half-acre, from so many angles you’d think it was the Parthenon. Top, what looks to my eye like a classic border, with the requisite curving path and conical evergreen for structure. The perennial cranesbill geranium is flowering as never before, thanks to a free hand with the Deer-Out. Mustn’t relax my vigilance, especially after such a deluge — which washes the repellent away, despite what the label says. The deer are wily creatures.

See the results of yesterday’s photography walk below:

Plenty of free parking


A new view of my place, from the next door neighbor’s yard. Looks rather sweet from their POV


Above, not my shed. I had gone next door to check out theirs. I’m planning a shed myself, for garden tools and equipment. It won’t be as elaborate as this one. This is practically a guest cottage; if I had such a structure,  I’d use it for more than bike and junk storage.


Above, the area where I’ll be putting the shed


Lilies of the valley and May apples at the rear of the property. I’ve helped them out a bit by clearing garlic mustard from this area.


Above, a peony, one of two I planted three years ago, finally asserting itself, maybe to bloom a few years hence.


Something I like: a variegated pieris putting out colorful foliage.


Planted three weigela ‘Bristol Ruby’ by the roadside — still working on that ‘tapestry hedge’ for screening in a light-challenged, deer-challenged area


Dead boxwood and other yard waste, ready for the dump


That delicate sweet woodruff, a flowering groundcover so charming in a shady Brooklyn backyard, became thuggish in this area under the magnolia. I ripped it out by the fistful to prevent it taking over the pulmonaria (spotted leaves, lower right)


Been moving things around… the Korean boxwood just arrived in this corner from nearer the front, where it was outgrowing its space

All is freshened up by the long, much-needed shower. Sun breaking through!

7 thoughts on “My Little Eden

  1. Looks so lush with all the different textures. You have certainly achieved the tapestry look you are going for! Love the curved border leading the eye along the path & into the garden beyond.

  2. Love all the green! It makes me miss ‘the east’… where everything is so lush this time of year.

  3. You have done a beautiful job with your gardens. Everything looks so naturally beautiful.

  4. Thanks, all. I’m kvelling.

    kvell = to be extraordinarily pleased; especially, to be bursting with pride, as over one’s family [or garden!]

    1965–70, Americanism ; < Yiddish kveln be delighted; compare Middle High German, German quellen well up, gush

  5. Loving everything!

    Glad you got rid of the garlic mustard. It’s a pernicious weed.
    You probably planted the peony too deeply–dig it up and plant it or another one in full sun and not too deeply.

    I knew we grew up with “kvelling”– the anglicized version…but “I’m kvelln” too! :-)
    Considering your semi-shaded lot: sensitive ferns, leatherwood ferns…and I’ll get back to you when I talk about it with the expert, the isband.

    Thanks for all your had work on your articles on brownstoned.

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