Philadelphia: Fitler Square

BACK FROM TWO BUSY DAYS in Philadelphia and a fair amount of wandering in neighborhoods previously admired only from behind the windshield of my car.

I wanted to go back to Fitler Square, a few blocks southwest of elegant Rittenhouse Square and far quieter. It’s a pleasant residential district of very young families and very old houses (mid-18th century, if the plaques are to be believed), colorful shutters and cobbled streets.

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7 Responses to Philadelphia: Fitler Square

  1. Super cool homes! Very nice.

  2. GAP says:

    Just home after a very long day and this was just the eye candy I needed. I want one.

  3. stacie sinder says:

    i so enjoyed our outing — and i hoped to see/read more about it on casacara! eye-candy indeed — those houses are the heart and soul of the city — thanks for introducing me to their charm. xo

  4. Cher Vick says:

    Oh I loved these photos! Charming indeed. It looks like an old European city. I have yet to visit this part of Philadelphia. Filing this away for future reference. Why were you only able to enjoy the neighborhood from behind your windshield? haha. What it different back then?

  5. cara says:

    Only because I never made the time to get out and walk.

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