Springs Garden Report

“YAY, IT’S GONNA RAIN all weekend!” Only a gardener would say that. A gardener who, like myself, just put in two dogwood trees (a cornus kousa Chinensis in front, and a cornus Florida ‘Cloud Nine’ in back) as well as three red-twig dogwood shrubs I’d been coveting. It’s part of my plan to put some flowering trees on my Long Island property, and add some things for winter interest (the red twigs — fabulous against the snow).

The rest of the landscape can use some water too. It’s been a dry, nearly snowless winter, except for an 8″ dumping in January that melted within two days.

I’ve done a lot of compost-spreading on my perennial beds, exhausting my homemade supply and then making two trips to the Town of East Hampton’s inexhaustible free compost and mulch piles. You can see the new red-twig cornus alba Siberica in the upper left-hand corner, below.

One disappointment this spring: the apparent demise of two of the six boxwoods I planted last September as screening between my house and the one next door, below. They’ve gone almost completely yellow, and that can’t be good. I called the nursery where I bought them to see if I had any recourse; I don’t, because they didn’t plant them. They didn’t plant the other four either, which are doing fine, but that’s their policy, don’t ya know.  Following the advice of garden guru Margaret Roach, I’m not pruning out the yellowed stems just yet; she says to wait a bit, to see what’s really dead and what’s not.

I’ve been here a week-and-a-half and, as usual, it’s flown. I’m heading back to Brooklyn today, and in my absence, the screened porch will be repaired and painted — white, with a gray floor. The white includes the ceiling, which means the trompe l’oeil sky, below, painted thirty years ago by artist Randall Rosenthal, is going. I have mixed feelings about that, especially because Randy is my friend and neighbor, but it’s time.

It’s always hard to tear myself away from the peace of the country. It’s marginally easier when the rain is pounding down, as it is now. My sympathies to those who had yard sales, baseball games, picnics… weddings!… planned for this weekend, but… YAY! <Cheshire cat smile>.

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I blog (for fun) here at casaCARA, and write (for money) about architecture, interiors, gardens and travel for many national magazines and websites.
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2 Responses to Springs Garden Report

  1. Nancy says:

    New flowering trees! So the nurseries are starting to have some stock? See any Japanese Maple?

  2. cara says:

    Yes, apparently – lots of dogwoods, anyway. Didn’t notice any Japanese maples, but I wasn’t specifically looking for them.

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