MY PREVIOUS POST, “2nd Cheapest House in East Hampton,” begged the question: so what’s the cheapest house, bar none? There was no photo on the listing, so I went to take a look.

The house, a 1950s cottage with red asbestos shingles, is in visibly sad shape (unlike the 2nd cheapest, which I neglected to say in yesterday’s post, appears to be in move-in condition).

From my perambulations around its exterior, I have nothing to say about the 3BR, 2 bath house itself, except perhaps “eeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww!”

The half-acre lot, however, wasn’t as hopeless as I had imagined. Yes, it’s on Springs Fireplace Road, which is often trafficky and certainly not considered desirable, but it’s not in the industrial section near the dump and the stoneyard. It’s in a residential area nearer the historic district, on a corner lot.

The house actually feels fairly secluded — or perhaps overgrown is the right term. The forsythia hedge in profuse bloom is a plus.

I’m just reporting here, not recommending. But if you want a house in the Hamptons for 189K or less, you can have one.