Too-Early Spring

BROOKLYN’S BUSTING OUT ALL OVER. This is not what St. Patrick’s Day is supposed to look like. The unseasonably warm winter has turned into an unnaturally early spring, and I find it unsettling.

I could take the forsythia being a couple of weeks ahead of schedule, but they’ve been quickly followed by daffodils, hyacinth, magnolias, redbud, and all the other flowers and trees that should by rights belong to April.

When I caught sight yesterday of some purple irises already in bloom — I’m pretty sure those usually bloom in May — I let out an involuntary shriek. “No! Not you too, irises!

I’m trying to be here now and enjoy it, but I can’t help wondering… what will be left for the rest of the season?

4 thoughts on “Too-Early Spring

  1. Understand your reaction to those irises in bloom. Out in NW NJ where I spent many years, they were the joy of early June. Azaleas, early May. Daffodils first, tulips a couple of weeks later, late April. Lilacs, mid-May. It’s all blooming at once this year way ahead of schedule, even for Brooklyn.

  2. My green thumbed, 4-H champion father said that farmers (and gardeners) always have plenty to complain about. We expect the Kudzu to green up early but we had enough cold to knock it back a little.

  3. Oh get over it! We had a South Florida winter in North Fla. (Tallahassee), which pleased my bony always-freezing frame. Now it’s in the low 80s.The usual spring suspects did ‘bust out’ a bit early–Dogwood, Azaleas, Camellias, but we always have Camellias popping out n the warmer parts of winter, so maybe we will still see summer radiance other than mirages. The pollen is thick as a rug and i saw a bumblebee so big i thought it was two copulating. When i put on my glasses! I realized it was just a half, cruisin’ for the hole…

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