Bay Avenue, Greenport

A FIELD GUIDE to 19th century American architecture, all on one block in one town. Not even that long a block either: Bay Avenue in Greenport, on the North Fork of Long Island. There’s everything from a c.1820 Greek Revival sea captain’s cottage to squared-off Italianates of the 1840s, front porch farmhouses, and turreted Victorians. Take a walk and gawk with me…

Got a favorite?

11 thoughts on “Bay Avenue, Greenport

  1. I love the little white one too (and in fact considered buying it back in ’09 when it was on the market), but I have to say I’m partial to the pair of green Italianates with the red doors (last image). They’re on a sunny south-facing corner, and the red doors make them all the more cheerful.

  2. nice pix…beautiful houses…
    you could do that same tour in a number of different places — make it a regular feature — Kingston, Hudson, etc.

  3. Yes, south-facing rocks. Now that I look again, it does seem like my little white one could be dark inside. No matter how much I like the lines of the outside that would turn me off.

  4. The first house is my fav, I can just imagine sitting on the front porch enjoying the sunshine.

  5. That little white house with the navy shutters is my little oasis. I’m happy to say it’s refreshingly bright with wonderful ventilation. I could never occupy a dark residence. The views from almost every window are of the garden or of the lovely yellow lady with lavender accents across the street. I’m sorry I missed your visit Cara!

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