Rainy Day Rockaway, Part II

MORE OF FAR ROCKAWAY, with its stock of c.1920s beach bungalows. We start with the stylish cedar-sided, tin-roofed surfer shack, above, and visit an enclave tucked behind and a few steps above Beach 24th Street, where the houses have some actual gardening space. Bottom, the reason these onetime, sometime charmers were built here in the first place: the beach and its historic boardwalk.

See also Rainy Day Rockaway, Part I.

7 thoughts on “Rainy Day Rockaway, Part II

  1. I love these bungalows. When they do come on the market, what’s the price range? Just wondering. Not buying. Wish you photoshop that eyesore of an apartment building out of it the picture and in reality as well.

  2. I think my friend said one recently sold for around 150K. She paid much less for hers, but had to put a lot into it. It would be easier to turn back the clock to the 1920s than tear down all the eyesores surrounding this sweet little enclave.

  3. Regarding that “eyesore” apartment building in the background … I hate to be all negative, but I actually went out to see the bungalows, based on your first post awhile ago. That specific house had a front row view of some historically dangerous public housing, and the area all around seems very degraded. I’m no fainting lily–I live off Amsterdam in the 140’s, right across from an outpatient facility for either mental health or addiction cases. I’m just saying, the Rockaway bungalow scene does not have that cozy vibe that photos of these houses might suggest.

  4. Well, I just bought one of the bungalows that is in this picture. It is being totally gut renovated and will wind up costing just under 200, full renovated. You can get some of these when available from about 150 to 200K depending on the condition. The building that it faces is NOT public housing, but private condos/rentals. Crime is way down , but that is not to say it is safe to walk down any street at night. The beach streets are pretty safe, and you are literally steps from the beach. If you want to have a beach front property in nyc for less than 200, than this is your opportunity. The area has significantly changed just based on how much these bungalows are going for! I will be glad to answer any other questions

  5. I just bought one of these bungalows for under 200K. It will be totally gutted and renovated for that price, which is pretty good. Where else are you going to get beach front property at that price. Kriserts, that “eyesore’ apartment is not public housing, even though it looks like it. It is called Waverly Gardens and they are high end (for that hood) rentals. Crime is still around of course, but its way down. If you want in on the ground floor, than you have to be able to take risks. The NY Times recently did an pictorial on the people who live in the bungalows and most are all artists and commuters from brooklyn. Some are being rented by investors, and most of those renting are really nice.

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