Hamptons Beach Cottage, $1,000 Per Sq.Ft.

I ADORE EVERYTHING about this new-to-market cottage, except the price. I pass it almost daily on my walks down to Gardiner’s Bay. It’s in Maidstone Park, a neighborhood of many un-“improved” pre-war cottages, a few houses away from a magnificent bay beach that is one of  East Hampton’s best-kept secrets. (Not that Maidstone Beach is hard to find, but for most people — especially summer visitors — the ocean is the main event.)

Unfortunately, the cottage’s asking price of $525K  does not compute. Not in my brain, anyway. I’m not saying the sellers won’t get it, but the place is tiny. Its 500 square feet comprise a good-sized living room, one small bedroom, and a front porch with jalousie windows, a mini-kitchen, and sitting area. That’s it.

What I love most is the site. It’s perched on a hill, at the top of a 3/10 acre lot on which the present owners, who bought the place in 1996 for $105K, have suggested a planting terrace.

The cottage itself is awfully appealing. Built in the 1960s, it’s cedar-shingled, with wood floors, and on two levels, so the interior feels slightly less miniature than the square footage would indicate. It’s probably not winterized, and there’s no fireplace. If it wasn’t January, I could move right in with the existing, unpretentious furnishings and the cheery blue and yellow color scheme (and rent out my own place, which seems like a palace by comparison, but it’s not in as choice a spot), or have fun preparing it for rental and improving the landscaping.

For interior photos and details, see this listing.

But for $3,000+ a month? You couldn’t get nearly that much out of it, even if you rented it for the long high season (Memorial Day-Labor Day). I just hope whoever buys it doesn’t tear it down and build a monstrosity. I’ll keep watching for a price drop, but it would have to drop pretty far.

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6 Responses to Hamptons Beach Cottage, $1,000 Per Sq.Ft.

  1. Harriet says:

    Jalousie windows are one of the worst inventions. Ever.

  2. Cher Vick says:

    This would be such a great place, but the price is way too steep. Wow.

  3. Julia Mack says:

    Good point about the windows-but it is cute!

  4. cara says:

    No question, Cher. You could get four or five Victorian row houses in Newburgh for the same money! Re the jalousies, Julia and Harriet, I’ve never experienced them personally but they look like they’d be hard to see through and potentially drafty, as well as being ugly. They need to be replaced pronto.

  5. sarah says:

    Its all about the location and u can extend and rebuild the cottage or go one story up, I suppose. Don’t know what the town and the buildings inspector would allow..

  6. Anonymous says:

    Now asking 420,000 and yes you can go up and out on this cottage.

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