We’re Off to Lanzarote

I AM IN FULL-ON PACKING MODE at the moment. This evening, I’m flying to Madrid, and from there to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, on assignment for a travel magazine. (And sorry, no, I don’t need a research assistant, but you can come along by following my blog posts for the next week:-)

Where is Lanzarote? You might well ask. Most Americans don’t know (I didn’t, until a few weeks ago) and don’t vacation there, though legions of Brits and Germans do. It’s in the Atlantic, a short distance off the coast of Morocco, though the Canaries, which also include Tenerife, belong to Spain.

Lanzarote is a volcanic island of stark, otherworldly beauty, so the guidebooks say, and I believe them (the images in this post are lifted from Google Image). My research focus will be on Cesar Manrique, an architect/sculptor/preservationist who died in 1992. His efforts to limit insensitive development on his native island apparently paid off. Resorts are contained, low-rise, and in keeping with Lanzarote’s vernacular architecture. Manrique’s own home, and several other sites he designed, are sculpted out of the volcanic rock. This I’ve got to see.


Lanzarote has a reputation for the best beaches in the Canaries (see above).  I’ll probably spend little time basking on them — too much else to do — but that’s fine.


The island is practically devoid of natural vegetation, but that doesn’t stop vintners. Those are terraced grape vines, above, from which Lanzarote produces a wine called malvasia (I’ll be sure to sample it and report back).


Above, another thing I’m looking forward to: a botanical garden with some 10,000 cacti.

Are you coming with me?

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I blog for fun here at casaCARA, and write about architecture, interiors, gardens and travel for many national magazines and websites. My recently published posts and articles can be found here: https://casacara.wordpress.com/recent-articles/
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6 Responses to We’re Off to Lanzarote

  1. Harriet says:

    Can’t wait to read about your trip.

  2. csh says:

    Cara, I hope you have fun! I happen to know someone who’s there right now, but just for a couple more days — one of Felix’s and Leo’s sailing instructors in France, currently on a half-around-the-world sailing trip!

  3. Ingrid says:

    I went there once and was the only American. Make sure that you ask for “pacharan” at the end of your meal :)

  4. Cher@NR says:

    Never heard of this place. Sounds awesome.

  5. BrooklynGreene says:

    Enjoy the hell out of yourself. You’ll be missing this lousy ensuing weather here. I read something about Manrique but I can’t remember where. We all hope for your lovely photos!
    Knock us out!

  6. MazeDancer says:

    Yay, Cara. What a great assignment. Armchair ready for vicarious travel, looking forward to the trip.

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