New-to-Market North Fork Oldie with Contents, 245K


Recently I heard from a longtime reader of this blog, who told me she’d bought this 1873 Queen Anne Victorian in the eastern Long Island town of Greenport some five or six years ago, and has been working on it since. She moved out from Brooklyn to live there full-time, and went to town (so to speak) with exterior colors.

55BFHere’s what she writes about her renovation experience:

From the first time I saw this house, I loved the bump-outs & the different/unique shingle designs under the eaves of the roof.  But all that white didn’t accentuate their beauty.  I felt they needed distinction by painting them contrasting/complimentary colors to make them stand out.

I removed the vinyl siding & original clapboard (sorry – didn’t want to paint every few yrs) & replaced them with Hardie Planks, which are pre-colored. The color I chose was called Woodland Cream.  

 Future plans include a carport attached to my mudroom, which will mimic the style of the house & will have a mermaid weather vane at its peak.  I named my house La Casa Sirena (The Mermaid House in Italian) & had a plaque made to hang on the house.  I’m also considering adding a front porch w/ remote controlled screens & ceiling fans. Must go before the zoning board for everything…. 



INTRIGUING TWO-DAY-OLD LISTING in the always-up-and-coming but still-just-a-tad-rough-around-the-edges town of Greenport, near the tip of Long Island’s North Fork.

It’s a circa 1920, 3BR, 1 bath house on a 1/6-acre lot in a neighborhood of older homes (that’s most of Greenport). The exact address is 416 South Street, Greenport, NY 11944. It appears to be in decent exterior shape, with bay windows and decorative shingling.

There’s some mystery about the place, to judge by the well-capitalized listing:

Estate Sale Being Sold As Is With Contents. All Infomation Should Be Verified As Little Is Known About The Home.

I don’t know about you, but that gets my juices flowing. Contents?! Could be anything (or nothing)!



Right now, all we know is that it is a Charming Home With Possibilities Galore!!

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10 Responses to New-to-Market North Fork Oldie with Contents, 245K

  1. GAP says:

    I don’t know the area but that is some house. With a little loving care it could be a show-stopper. Coming with the contents makes it even more intriguing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I own a house around the corner from this one – As is reflected in the price, the property is let down by being on an unfortunate block. It is across the street from a multi-unit “building (also currently on the market) and next door to one that is uninhabitable and will literally need to be demolished.

    Having said that, Greenport is truly a special town, and hopefully all of its old homes will find loving owners.

  3. cara says:

    Thanks, Anonymous, for reminding us there’s got to be a reason the price is so low.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It is a pretty house. What do you think a reasonable weekly summer rent would be for a spiffed-up house of that size in that area (taking into account that it’s apparently on an ugly block)?

  5. cara says:

    Now that we know it’s on an ugly block, I’d say it wouldn’t be a viable summer rental at all. There are plenty of pretty blocks in Greenport… keep looking!

  6. Anonymous says:

    The property is close in proximity to main/front street (3-4 blocks) but unless you are on a block that terminates at the water, summer rentals in Greenport are largely unprofitable (IMO). You could probably rent this place for $1600-$1700 a month year round, or $7,500ish for the summer season.

  7. LDC says:

    Hi, I am in the process of buying this house. While it’s not the best looking blk in town, it certainly is not the worst. The multi-family across the way is a 2 family, side by side, farm house with a pool. I think it’s convenient location exceeds any shortcomings of the block. I intend to be the loving owner that will restore this house to it’s original glory. BTW, the contents were less than intriguing. I will basically be cleaning up after the previous owner, who unfortunately passsed away & was probably not well enough to maintain the house. So, fingers crossed, I hope that this house will be a source of pride & joy in the future. Anonymous, feel free to fill me in on the “hood”!

  8. cara says:

    Well, LDC, congratulations and best of luck to you! Glad to know people are still in the game! I’m sure you’ll enjoy living in Greenport — everyone seems to. Keep us posted on your progress!

  9. Laura says:

    Hi Cara, This is a blast from the past. 2 yrs ago, you featured my house @ 416 South Street in Greenport’ NY. Since then, I have gut renovated it, added a master suite & spa on the first floor (now making it 4 beds & 2-1/2 baths). Have all new electric, plumbing, 9″ pine floors, bathrooms & kitchen. I’ve installed geothermal heating & cooling, replaced all the windows & in the spring will put up Hardie fiber cement planks on the exterior. When it’s completed, photos will be taken, & you’ll hear from me. It’s been a long & winding road, but the end is near. The only things left will be the landscaping, new fence & a carport. But that’s on a back burner right now, unless I win the lottery (God knows I keep trying to!)… Cheers, Laura

  10. cara says:

    hey Laura, congrats on all those improvements. Look forward to seeing the visuals!

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