The Insider: Shipshape Kitchen in Brooklyn Heights


THE LATEST IN MY WEEKLY INTERIORS SERIES for is this warmly appealing, functional kitchen by North Fork, L.I.-based designer Kate Altman. Not long ago, it was an “impossibly bad” ’70s galley kitchen. Now it has floor-to-ceiling storage and two showstopping features: a lipstick-red Italian range, and a custom porcelain backsplash inspired by antique Chinese patterns but whimsically including the Brooklyn Bridge.

To see lots more pictures and read all about it (and catch up with previous installations of “The Insider,”) click yourself right on over here. And don’t be shy about commenting on the Brownstoner site. It’s really fun for me to see the comments roll in there (37 last week!)

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2 Responses to The Insider: Shipshape Kitchen in Brooklyn Heights

  1. BrooklynGreene says:

    You got all sorts of comments on Brownstoner but I thought I should say “hello” here.

    I happen to love this kitchen. I love what they did with the kitchen/dining room think-thru all around. It makes a lot of sense to make a dining room into the library, making it warm, cozy, more intimate (and books absorb sound so even more cozy) and importantly, they got in all that storage.

    I bet those cabinets and drawers help offset storage of dishes, glasses, silverware (especially the less “everyday” stuff like turkey platters and nearly everyone’s “wedding set”…hell, I even have my grandmother’s meat set…I need THAT like a hole in the head!) or infrequently used kitcheny stuff that would otherwise need to find a place in the kitchen.

    What’s so nice about this design is that the storage is not that obtrusive at all.

    As always, your photos are sumptuous! What kind of camera did you get in the end? Is this all the existing light when you do your interior shots–or do you use flashes somehow?


  2. cara says:

    hi BG, and thanks for calling my photos sumptuous:-) First let me say that the one I used at the top of the Brownstoner post and on this blog is a professional shot taken by the contractor, BLDG. Forgot to put the photo credit on casaCARA — whoops — though I did on Brownstoner. I shot the apartment two months ago, before I took my ‘how to use your digital camera’ course at the Tribeca Y. I like to think I could do it better today. The rest were shot with my new Canon S95 on automatic, in natural (i.e. inadequate) light. Today I would reset the ISO and use the AV mode, and a tripod. Meanwhile, I recently got an iPhone4S and have been taking more pictures (and movies!) with that than with my Canon. Thanks for reminding me to get back to using it before I forget how!

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