The Reluctant Photographer


IN MY CONTINUING EFFORTS to master my digital camera, a Canon S95, I’m taking another photography course at the new 92Y in Tribeca. Last winter, I studied there with photographer Palmer Davis, who emphasized artistry and creativity. This fall’s 4-session course, with Stephen Sherman, started out wonky, and I almost despaired.


I don’t particularly want to know WHY a camera works, in great technical detail: I would be happy to be told ‘do this, then do that.’ But last week’s three-part homework assignment was fun. We did a still life experimenting with different F-stops, top; a freeze-motion exercise, using fast shutter speeds, above; and a blurred motion photo, shot at a slow shutter speed, below.


I’m looking forward to the next assignment, following an inspiring film Stephen showed us today about Henri Cartier-Bresson. We’re to step out our front doors and take a picture, then walk twenty paces in any direction and take another. Then another 20 paces and another photo. And so on, until we’ve taken 36 photos. The idea is to see familiar things in different ways, to find photographs everywhere. Results to follow.

3 thoughts on “The Reluctant Photographer

  1. I always think your photos are excellent, but I’m one who keeps “going back to school” too, so I understand your urge to keep studying…The still life above is my “love” of this batch, but I think it’s the colors and the subject that make me partial to it.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful class and I think your next assignment is really interesting. Looking forward to seeing the 36 “new/familiar” images”

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