The Insider: Apartment for One in Cobble Hill


MY NEW EVERY-THURSDAY SERIES for continues today in a new, easier-to-read format, with a garden floor-through in the heart of Cobble Hill by interior designer Julia Mack.

These are rented digs, colorful and cost-conscious, with lots of Brooklyn-based sources and interesting ideas.

Hie on over here to see many more photos and read all about it.

3 thoughts on “The Insider: Apartment for One in Cobble Hill

  1. Great column on Brownstoner, but it would be helpful to know the cost and/or budget for each apartment. It all looks lovely, but at what cost? Inquiring minds would like to know.

  2. This one cost “$20,000 plus or minus,” according to the designer, Inquiring Mind.That includes major furnishings, rugs, painting, window treatment, art, and designer’s fee. I’ll keep your suggestion in mind as The Insider goes forward.

  3. Thanks. I really enjoy the columns, as today’s comments notes others like it as well, but beauty and cost sometimes go hand in hand. While my economics are such that I generally don’t need to ask, my upbringing and frugality still nags me to ask and put cost into the overall context of what I’m looking at. I appreciate your considering the point.

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