Yard Sale Bonanza


Eight birdhouses, $1 apiece. Red and yellow bench, 8′ long, $20.

AT THIS MORNING’S ROUND OF YARD SALES, I made out like a bandita, and I owe it to my friend Ada. She wanted to schedule our Saturday morning walk for 9AM, about an hour earlier than usual, so I had to get my yard-saling ass in gear earlier than usual.


Photos/postcards of local scenes (some repro, some old), $1 each

Normally, to a sale slated to start at 9, I roll up no earlier than 8:45, but today, since there was only one 8 o’clock sale listed in my yard sale oracle, the East Hampton Star, I swooped down on the 9AM openings well before the appointed hour. Thus, I was first, or close to first, at two or three of them (I found only one closed to “early birds.”)


Hand-painted, double-sided, plywood fish, already hanging on my kitchen wall, $1

With grim determination, a steady hand on the steering wheel, and my handy laminated map by my side, I squeezed in five or six sales in an hour, scoring bargain after heady bargain. Everywhere I went, I heard comments in my wake: “Wow, she got a deal,” “Why did you sell them so cheap?” “If only I had dusted that table, I could have gotten more,” “Why didn’t you show those to me first? I would have taken them.”


Signed, framed watercolor of old houses in Rockport, Maryland, $20

Gloat, gloat. From now on, Labor Day weekend looms in my personal mythology as the absolute best for yard sales. I vow to set that clock earlier, down that coffee faster, and skip the lipstick.



Moroccan (or Moroccan-style) painted table, $10

7 thoughts on “Yard Sale Bonanza

  1. i second that comment — the table is great and so are the fish, the birdcages — good work, m’dear! enjoy your new finds and the rest of the labor day weekend xo

  2. I has one of my famous Maui collectible sales today…made some $, in order to turn around and score some more finds One collector told me that I may have a real Korean early, early piece of pottery…I knew it was an oldie, so, need to do some research.
    Steller day..good fun..cruisin on the couch now. Loved your finds too!

  3. Brava to my fellow yard sale scavenger and dumpster diving diva friend! That’s a great price for the bench, just saw one in a 2nd hand shop for $70! And I love middle eastern decorative accessories, so the table has my vote as well.
    I’m on a mission to find large Israeli plates to display over the sink in Greenport. To be continued……..:-)

  4. Good to hear from you all, and yes. I am pretty pleased with my haul [Cheshire cat smile]. Perhaps I should have emphasized that this was an exceptional day, payback for the many times I’ve driven around to a dozen yard sales on a Saturday morning and come back with ZIP!

  5. Congratulations Cara! I had great luck here, too, but nothing this weekend. I guess I should stop honoring the “no earlybirds” since most of the good stuff is gone by opening time. Polite to a fault. That Moroccan table is the best! Love the Rockport watercolor, too. Actually, love it all! It helps to have a great eye, and you do!!

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