5a44356246c4c1dced5960ef6253d8f3A PIECE I WROTE recently about the reinvention of a postwar ranch house in Sag Harbor, N.Y., is in the August 1 issue of Hamptons Cottages & Gardens magazine. It so happens I’ve known the homeowner, Susan Penzner, who is a real estate broker in Manhattan and Long Island, for 20+ years; I had written about her Sag Harbor vintage clothing store, Havens House, for The New York Times in 1992. This assignment brought us together again.

Along with Jack Ceglic, a local, much-published industrial and architectural designer, she masterminded the total overhaul of a drab, closed-in, and, for lack of a better word, yucky (believe me — I saw the ‘before’ pictures) 1960s ranch into an airy, loft-like space that graciously makes room for both classic modern furnishings and a few hold-overs from Susan’s “antiques” period.


To read the whole story, and see more images of the house and garden, go here.