Pre-Civil War 4BR in Silvermine, Connecticut 622K

IMG_1473THIS HISTORIC house on the Silvermine River in an area of Norwalk, CT, long known for its eclectic population of artists, writers, inventors, and others, is on the market because its owner, a self-described “Connecticut Yankee,” has decided on a lifestyle change and is downsizing to a bungalow in Savannah.

The house, she writes, “dates back to 1789 or 1844, depending on the researcher.” That’s quite a spread, but anyway, it’s at least 167 years old.

The Silvermine area, one hour by train from NYC, is on the National Register of Historic Places. This 4BR, 3.5 bath house is set on a bend in the river, with an extension spanning the entire rear of the house providing a river view in all seasons. The lot measures 1.14 acres.

The house used to be called “the Civil War families house,” because the wives and children  of soldiers stayed together for support in that house until their men returned.



Character and charm are a given. The post-and-beam house has separate sitting and dining rooms, and original “pumpkin” pine wide plank floors and antique hearth in the living room.


The rear extension, remodeled with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the river and surrounding woodland, has a tree-house feel.




The kitchen, with custom cabinetry and high-end appliances, was redesigned by the current owner in 2007. There’s 600 square feet of living space downstairs, with a second fireplace, that can double as an in-law or guest suite, with its own kitchenette, laundry and full bath.


Add to that two finished attic rooms, and a landscaped patio fashioned after the hidden gardens of Charleston and Savannah.


The full realtor’s listing, with lots more pictures and information, is here. 

2 thoughts on “Pre-Civil War 4BR in Silvermine, Connecticut 622K

  1. Cara- Thank you for posting a blog about my house in Silvermine, CT.
    Although I was born in Connecticut I identified myself as New Yorker. When I married in 1993 that changed. My husband was living in Darien and we decided that I would sell my Greenwich Village co-op and settle down to a new life in the bucolic burbs. If it was idyllic enough for Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, then it would be for me too.
    Our house hunting focused on the towns of Darien, New Canaan and Wilton. Norwalk wasn’t on our radar because it was considered more of a city than the surrounding towns. So when our Wilton broker suggested we view an antique house in the Norwalk section of Silvermine we were apprehensive.
    The drive through Silvermine was not what I had expected. As we passed a charming tavern, country store and market on gently meandering roads, I immediately felt a sense of history. Arriving at the house which was shrouded in a blanket of fresh snow, I knew instantly this was where I wanted to be (and belonged).
    As we entered the house which rests on a hill directly above the Silvermine River, we were mesmerized by the view from the (then) screened porch. It was love at first sight. We made an offer that afternoon.
    Seventeen years and many happy memories later I think about how fortunate I have been to live in such a vibrant house and inspiring community. The house and I have transformed over the years – we’ve grown up together. And now it’s time for me to pass it on to a new generation that will honor and preserve the integrity of this old house. I truly believe the house will choose the next owner, the way it chose me. It’s just waiting for the right buyer to come along.

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