Scouting Sag Harbor


One of many on Madison Street

LANDED A NEW ASSIGNMENT from Coastal Living magazine to write about Sag Harbor, mighty 19th century whaling port turned arty shopping village. To me, the town’s outstanding feature is its abundance of historic mid-19th century cottages, tiny capsules of charm and character. Don’t you just love them?


Could hardly be smaller – or cuter


I’ve shown this one before but that blue door bears repeating


Rather fancy, with that fabulous fanlight


Wellnest, a newish home furnishings/gift store/beauty spa, impeccably tasteful and frightfully expensive


Handcrafted skateboards in Wellnest


Signage at Ruby Beets, a longtime fixture for vintage and new home decor


Inside Ruby Beets


LT Burger on Main Street, new this year and instantly successful

3 thoughts on “Scouting Sag Harbor

  1. Love those cottages….I just wouldn’t be able to stop myself from knocking on the door of the cottage with the flag, & inviting myself in for afternoon tea!
    And I wish the Ruby Beets shop was here in Melbourne, Australia for me to visit and most likely come home with some goodies.

  2. Welcome, Jenny. How terrific that you’re visiting casaCARA all the way from Australia! Equally amazing that my friend emerged from my guest room this morning saying, “You blogged at 2:30 AM?!” She had just woken up and checked her email on her iPad, and saw it before she saw me.

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