Heading to Valencia


I’M GOING TO SPAIN THIS EVENING, so for the next six days, expect to see pictures of High Gothic, Baroque, Moorish, and ultra-futuristic architecture, rather than brownstones.

It’s a press trip to Valencia, Spain’s third-largest city, where I’ve never been, and while I don’t feel anything but stressed at the moment, I know I’m going to be wildly excited when I get there. With all I had to do in the run-up to this trip, I completely forgot to move my car this morning. Anyone who knows about New York City’s draconian alternate-side parking regulations will understand how freaked I was when I finally remembered, two hours after the fact, that my car was on the wrong side on the wrong day. I ran to see if it had been towed or ticketed, and amazingly, it was neither. Mayor Bloomberg’s minions falling down on the job? It would have been a massive inconvenience to have to go to the tow pound this afternoon instead of the airport.

This visit to one of Spain’s greenest and liveliest cities will be a fine way to pass the last week of winter. I’ll be blogging daily from there, and I hope you’ll come along for the vicarious ride.

You can also go here to see my collection of posts from my time in Andalusia last winter.

About cara

I blog (for fun) here at casaCARA, and write (for money) about architecture, interiors, gardens and travel for many national magazines and websites.
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5 Responses to Heading to Valencia

  1. Joe says:

    I look forward to seeing GREEN and LIVELY. The photo here is brown and dead, albeit gorgeous in it’s own eerie way. Have a great trip! Enjoy some sangria and Spanish guitar music for me!

  2. Patti says:

    What fun! I’m excited and I’m not even going. Can’t wait to see the pictures.

  3. Nancy says:

    Alternate side is always a ticket, not a tow…don’t create stress unnecessarily for yourself!

  4. BrooklynGreene says:

    You get around Lady! Enjoy! Write when you get there, we should know you’re safe and sound. :-)

  5. cara says:

    Y’know Joe, I’m not even sure that pic is really Valencia. I haven’t seen any massive rock looming over the city since I got here two days ago. That’s what happens when you steal from Google and are in a hurry. Anyway, the Valencia I’m in does have a lot of green, as you will see in my next post! Thanks, all, for commenting. Stay with me over the next few days for further adventures of a vegan in Valencia (not easy!)

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