240 Catskills Acres + Farmhouse $1.2M


NEED A PLACE TO PARK SOME CASH? (I wish.) Don’t trust the stock market? Want to go back to the land in a big, big way?

Take a look at this gorgeous upstate New York property, finally on the market after 30 years. It’s a rare, unspoiled parcel at the end of a dead-end road in Bovina, N.Y.,  one of those towns “that time forgot,” in Delaware County.


Think of it as $5,000 per acre, and the house as free. It does need total renovation, according to the listing agent, but it doesn’t look half-bad in the pics.


Go here for a visual tour of the land at its wintry best, and read the well-written copy (I could probably be sold on a piece of real estate by an unusually literate listing). Among the main bullet points:

  • Adjacent to 1,100 acres of protected, never-to-be-built-on New York State land
  • Possibility of selling off 50 acres and still retaining complete and utter privacy

Split it with someone. A few people. There’s plenty to go around.

Please note: I am NOT a real-estate broker, and have no financial interest in the sale of this or any property mentioned on this blog. I just like spreading the word about unique properties and what I believe are solid investment opportunities.

About cara

I blog for fun here at casaCARA, and write about architecture, interiors, gardens and travel for many national magazines and websites. My recently published posts and articles can be found here: https://casacara.wordpress.com/recent-articles/
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2 Responses to 240 Catskills Acres + Farmhouse $1.2M

  1. Terry says:

    Wow. But I have a very tough time with “…the land at its wintry best” which means “shirt sleeves day” down here.

  2. cara says:

    The good thing, Terry, is that you can see the lay of the land in a way you can’t when the trees are leafed out. Mid-winter is a very propitious time for property-shopping in the Northeast!

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