Down on the Farm


BET YOU CAN’T GUESS — unless you noticed the tags– the location of that rustic-looking barn, above. Well, I’ll tell ya. It’s the Prospect Park Zoo here in Brooklyn. I went there yesterday for the first time in years (first time ever without children in tow).


I was in search of a subject for a photography workshop I’m taking at the new 92Y Tribeca. The assignment: to take an animal portrait that captures “something essential” about the subject, ideally a “magic moment” — and to try and get beyond the “awwww…how cute” factor.


That is almost impossible when you’re dealing with alpacas, like the pair above. For purposes of the class, I had to reduce the final number of images to three (all of one animal), from about 100 shots I took of sea lions — fast shutter speed required — and various other creatures.


African pygmy goat (didn’t get his name)

Ultimately, I zeroed in on Bonnie the Cotswold sheep, below. I had to eliminate many shots of her for my class presentation, because the awww factor was just too great.



Fortunately, I have this blog, so even though it’s off-topic, please indulge my sharing a few of my ‘extra’ shots. And do get over to the Prospect Park Zoo. You’ll probably feel, as I do, that you’ve made a lot of new friends.

8 thoughts on “Down on the Farm

  1. Brava, Cara! You must have awesome shots for your class if these are the outtakes. And what a delightful post to find this winter’s day. Thank you!

  2. I enjoy your blog and topics. It’s a hi-light of my day when I see you have posted. I’m a former “yankee” (not NYer) and now a southerner and enjoy seeing scenes from up North. The animals are too cute.

  3. Great shots! I really like the last one with the sheep faces – that’s the winner for your project. Beautiful portrait. (and I did not recognize our barn – it looks like someplace in Connecticut!)

    ps – I’m the zoo director.

  4. I love the photos and your text. It’s a great reminder to be balanced in life, to experience the moment, and enjoy many aspects of life not just one. Regardless of the class objective, I think it’s great to see the animals and feel the “awwww, cute!” moment. They are indeed adorable lovable creatures. At zoos I often wish they were free, but then I remember how wonderful it must be for them to be cared for, protected and loved.

  5. Thanks, all, for your positive comments – a blogger can’t lose with animal shots;-) Phyllis, the sign said alpacas!

  6. Cara, I agree, your outtakes are great! You’ll have to show me the rest on next vist. The alpaca with the white bangs is hysterical! Keep snapping!

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